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About SiteClick

SiteClick aims to provide businesses of all shapes and sizes a cost effective search engine optimisation (SEO) service. Our team of skilled optimisation experts work extensively to ensure your website lists on the front page of Google. Our proven SEO strategy involves a comprehensive link building campaign and on-site optimisation services.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our search engine SEO services that we provide a 100% money back guarantee. If your website is not listed on the first page of Google’s search result pages for your selected keywords we will provide you a full refund.

About Adamant Solutions

SiteClick is a service provided by Adamant Solutions.

Adamant Solutions has worked with small to medium sized businesses for over 7 years. We initially started out as a web design agency and have since grown to become a  multi-disciplined design studio.

We are often approached by our customers to optimise their search engine listings once their website is designed and goes live. To keep up with demand we setup SiteClick, a cost effective search engine optimisation service for small to medium sized businesses.



Guaranteed Front Page Search Engine Optimisation

Request a quotation to have your website optimised within 2-3 working days. We guarantee front page placement for purchased keywords, or your money back. Expose your business to an audience of thousands every week with fast SEO services by SiteClick.

What’s Included?

  • SEO targetted keywords in your region
  • On-site page optimised within 2-3 working days
  • Your website submitted to thousands of online directories and resources
  • Weekly SEO Reports & Ongoing Site Monitoring
  • Guaranteed front page exposure or your money back

What Hiring a digital Agency Melbourne Means to Business

What Hiring a digital Agency Melbourne Means to Business

For many years, investors have been searching for solutions to the growth of their businesses. One of the biggest concerns that have compelled most people to spend heavily on keeping their businesses relevant is getting a marketing plan that can guarantee returns within a short time. In regard to this need, most marketing firms have set up viable strategies that have helped in marketing different products through the online arena. This is the biggest market with millions of buyers to reach, yet the mist competitive for that matter. To navigate easily, one needs to hire a digital agency in Melbourne for the reasons highlighted below.

Every business operates on a timeline and aspires to realize set goals within a certain period of time. Marketing is meant to avail results after certain duration of execution. With a digital agency Melbourne from gmg digital Melbourne it becomes easier to realize results. Investors are able to reap real-time benefits, meaning they will not have to wait for as long as one year. In duration of less than two months, you can record a significant increase in traffic to your website. This traffic could offer some leads that later convert to customers; hence the business records an increase in the overall revenue. 

You also enjoy maximum flexibility when you hire a digital agency in Melbourne. While you handle other matters in the business, you can leave marketing to the professionals. This offers space for the execution of tasks that require more time and attention to complete. You will not have to worry about marketing because there are experts to help on that. 

A digital agency in Melbourne can also help one to create a greater level of engagement with clients. It is possible to get the right feedback from customers so as to improve on products. This is easily done through promotions and forums where customers can air their views regarding a certain product in the market.

Web Design Can Make Or Break Your Online Business

Web Design Can Make Or Break Your Online Business

When you’re trying to establish an online presence with a new website for your company, you need to put a lot of effort into your web design. Your web design isn’t just for making your website look good. The design can change how easy your site is to navigate, the way it looks in mobile view, and it can make or break how long customers stay on your page. You need catchy colors and a sleek layout to ensure your web design is serving its purpose. 

Web Design Can Help With Search Engine Optimization

After you’ve picked your colors and the images you want to use for your web design, your designer can assign ALT image tags to your GMG web design for Melbourne. This will help you embed keywords into the images you’ve used. In return, these keywords will help boost your visibility in the search engine results. 

Quality Design Is Vital

If your web design isn’t executed properly, customers may not be likely to browse around on your website. If you chose harsh colors or a sloppy format, it will be hard for people to get around on your page. An experienced web design specialist will be able to help you find the perfect design balance, no matter what your website is for. The next time you decide to create or update a website, turn to a professional for help.